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Your Fresh Face make-up remover puff

Your Fresh Face in your December Blob Box

Merry Christmas Blob Box babes!

Keep your skin looking its freshest this festive season with Bambu Babe's Fresh Face make-up remover puff. It allows you to effortlessly remove your make-up using just water.

The snow white pad is perfect for natural and light make-up removal.

  • Just add water and let our recyclable Fresh Face microfibre technology do the rest
  • No more wasting cleanser on removing makeup
  • Maintains the natural pH level of your skin
  • Completely removes mascara
  • Valued at £6.95
Did you know the UK throws away 11 billion single-use wet wipes every year. Thank you for making the switch to reusables


      Get the most from your Fresh Face

      1. Wash before use. Put me in a laundry bag whenever you put me in the washing machine.
      2. Wet thoroughly. Douse your Fresh Face in warm water until it’s wet all the way through then squeeze out excess water.
      3. Gently sweep across your face. Use slow circular motions and wipe your face all over.
      4. Remove eye makeup. Leave over your eye for a beat to let your Fresh Face penetrate your pores. Then wipe away your eye makeup.
      5. Remove mascara. Hold your Fresh Face over your eye and blink up slowly several times. Gently pat under your eye or fold your Fresh Face in half and see-saw under your eye.

      After use, handwash, rinse thoroughly and pop in the washing machine once a week at 30 degrees.